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Radio Whirlwind began as a continuation of a project that started as a small podcast created on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fan game. The podcast (originally created in 2009) was taken over in Janurary of 2012 and ended in September of 2014. The station was made to act as a hosting platform for the podcast. The podcast ended in Janurary of 2017 in order to allow for its hosts to further find new oppertunities elsewhere.

The station launched in October of 2014, with direct ackowledgment from Game Freak director, Junichi Masuda. Whirlwind is non-profit, and is not an official affiliate of Nintendo or the Pokemon Company International. The purpose of Whirlwind is provide fans of Pokemon a chance to discover and rediscovery the music that makes up the games we love through the original games or by the musicians who make remixes of some of our favourite songs.