Welcome to Radio Whirlwind

Welcome to Radio Whirlwind. We are a radio station dedicated to playing the music from Pokemon. Radio Whirlwind plays music from the games, anime and even features music made by the community. You may also notice that we have shows as well. You can catch them live on Whirlwind every week! If you have any questions comments or concerns, you can contact us for further information. Thanks for visiting.

What's New @ Radio Whirlwind? (08/30/2016)

This summer was all about trying out new things. We've been finishing up the remaining parts of v2 of our website and we've been able to introuduce brand new shows to the site such as WavesFM and The Chatter. WhirlFest, our festival of sorts, has been moved to the fall. We will also be launching v3 of Radio Whirlwind in the fall. The stream and the web server has been moved to a brand new host and are guanteed to work far faster than before. Sadly, with the move, we no longer have a working blog. Lastly, during the summer, we put our stream on a "Summer Setlist"; it turned out to be heard by hundreds of people. With the new stream, we've had to end the summer setlist early. Also, please note... if you are using our old server, we will be shutting it down on September 1st!