We are gearing up to move forward with our brand new website sometime within the next two weeks. The new site will be accessable, easy to use and be device friendly for all users. Radio Whirlwind, within the two years of the site being around, hasn't received much of an "upgrade" since its update back in 2015. That means that Whirlwind hasn't had anything new for almost two years. We believe having this new website will allow for our listeners to enjoy Whirlwind in a lot cleaner way. Thank you for your patience and we look foward to showing our new website soon! 

Posted on 06 Feb 2017 by Illus

It's been a long time coming since we've heard about the rumors regarding the Nintendo NX. It wasn't that long ago that Nintendo first mentioned it during the 2015 E3 presentation and just recently showed it off on YouTube and on Jimmy Falon tonight. Many have been waiting years to learn more about the newest home console from the Big N. Tonight, the time has come. 

Starting at 8PM PT / 11PM ET, Nintendo will be streaming a live presentation live from Tokyo regarding the Nintendo Switch. We're hopeful to learn a lot about the console including the specs, the costs and some of the games that will be featured at launch. Nintendo hopefuls see huge potential in the Switch knowing very well that Nintendo mustn't repeat the same mistakes of it's presuccessor, the Wii U. 

You can watch the live presentation of the Nintendo Switch on YouTube. 

Posted on 12 Jan 2017 by Illus

Come celebrate the holdiays with Illus and AlmightyArceus during the live presentation of the Holiday Megamix on Radio Whirlwind. This is our second time hosting a listener party for the Megamix on our station and we are thrilled to be doing it again! Join us tomorrow, starting at 2PM PT ~ 5PM ET, December 24th as we celebrate Christmas Eve with an arrange of festive Pokemon music and a celebration with musicians from the Pokemon community. 

Posted on 23 Dec 2016 by Illus

2016 has been an interesting year for Radio Whirlwind. We started off our year with Broadcasters for a Cure raising over $750 for RAINN and in the summer experimented with bringing new shows to the station bring WhirlCast to a temporary halt (which wasn't a bad thing, of course.) 

We can definately say that this year has been very experiemental when it came to running Whirlwind. It's great to at least say that (even if things did fail) we tried to do something that was different, unique and or challanged the norms of what it meant to be a radio station in some way, shape or form. 

That brings us to our update moving foward into 2017. In this post, we will be talking about all the changes that you will see, hear and notice within the first three months of the new year. Most of these changes are big and will impact the way we all listen and use Radio Whirlwind. Here's what you can expect come 2017.  

WhirlCast and the future of content on Radio Whirlwind

WhirlCast has always been a core part of Radio Whirlwind since the station began two years ago. Of course, the podcast itself didn't even start on Radio Whirlwind but rather was incooperated into a fangame. From that alone, we were able to bring that community together in new ways that hadn't really been done in a fangame. 

In 2017, we plan to discontinue all shows on Radio Whirlwind including WhirlCast. Yes, WhirlCast is ending. We plan to have our final episode on January 21st. This date will mark the beginning and end of this podcast after its 5-years on the air. As much as it was fun to run the podcast, we believe that Radio Whirlwind isn't meant for this kind of content and cannot proceed to host the show long term. 

Moving into the new year, we will changing the way shows are created and featured on Radio Whirlwind. Rather than having exclusive shows on our site, we will open up the station to all content creators. We want our station to be about connecting and building unity within the Pokemon community and Radio Whirlwind can accomplish that. Please look foward to move information about our livestreaming programs in the future. 

Radio Whirlwind 3.0 will finally be released...

Radio Whirlwind 2.8 Homepage

After long last, we are preparing to upgrade the Radio Whirlwind website. For the last year-and-a-half, we haven't really made many changes to the new site. Radio Whirlwind (2.0) was released just in time for Broadcasters for a Cure 2015 and not many changes have been made since then. That's all going to change.

We plan on releasing a site that is easier to navigate around, easy to use and far more accesable. As we no longer will be hosting podcasts on our site (they will still be accessable in some way) our main focus will go towards all of our wonderful featured musicians and of course, the radio station. Featured musicians will also become a huge priority as well. (We plan on giving them direct access to upload their music so that you can hear it all when it comes out!) 

For the next month, we plan on focusing our time to fixing the rest of the website before we move into production of the brand new website. Please look forward for new information about our new website. 

In Conclusion

We have a lot of other great things planned for Radio Whirlwind next year. Radio Whirlwind sits on the obscure side of the Pokemon community but we believe that we have a reason to start standing out and changing the way that we all work together to give everyone enjoyable content and entertainment for years to come. We thank you for your two years of amazing support and we hope that we can build an enjoyable Radio Whirlwind together. 

Posted on 15 Dec 2016 by Illus

Continuing on from stream update which we began on Saturday, November 19th, this addition will add more music to our anime catagory. For this update, we've been able to add the final soundtracks needed to home the OST's for the Pokemon movies. We've also added any remaining songs on some of our existing soundtracks in our "vocal" catagory of music. 

Here's what you'll be hearing in this update:

Anime - BGM
Pokemon 3: Spell of the Unown - Limited Edition Japanese Release Soundtrack
Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life Soundtrack
Pokemon: Zoroark Master of Illusions Soundtrack

New Anime - Vocal (by Album) 
Rica Matsumoto - Alola!!
Jung Joon Young - Come To My Dream
AAA - Endless Fighters & Paradise 
Little Glee Monster - Gao Gao All-Star / Junseu wa Ichido Kiri
Rola - Memories 
Mimikyu - Mimikyu's Song
Ikue Otani - Pikachu's Song
Mayuki Makiguchi - Dream Dream ~Serena Ver.~
Yuki Kaji - Kirakira ~Clement Ver.~
PUFFY - Hajimari no Uta / Nice Buddy
Rei Yasuda - Tweedia
Rica Matsumoto - XY&Z ~movie ver.~ 

Updated Anime - Vocal (by Album)
Asuca Hayashi - Chiisaki Mono
Daisuke - Do Re Mi
Tomohisa Sako - Getter Banban 
Momoiro Clover Z - Maiden War 
Yusuke - Mega V (Megavolt) 
Rica Matsumoto - Mezase Pokemon Master
Shirtsu Ebisu Chugaku - Let's Hold Hands / Forbidden Karma 
Daisuke - Summer Slope
Yusuke - V (Volt)

Posted on 22 Nov 2016 by Illus
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