I'm so pleased to finally be able to write in a blog again. After we switched servers in August, we were without a blog for the longest time. I tried needlessly to work with other blogging software, but to no avail was I able to succeed at getting them to work. I finally threw the towel in and now we're back to good ol' Cutenews. This has been the blogging software we began using back in January.

Our station, Radio Whirlwind, has seen some changes over the last few months but we've also seen a lot of inactivity on our parts. With the year almost over, we're going to ensure that we do everything we can to produce and create an amazing experience for all of our listeners starting this October to the end of December. 

Speaking of changes, I'd like to go over a few changes that we've made to our website during the last few months:

 - We're updated our radio player and our radio server. You may have noticed that the radio player is no longer located at (.com/player) but rather, it's now usable on both mobile and on your PC at (.com/listen). On top of that, as we said, we've moved to a new server. With the new server, you may of noticed that songs cross-fade now. This allows the music to transition a lot more smoothly than before. 

- The website looks a little nicer now. We've changed the background images and updated our sidebar so that it's easier to access podcasts, our Discord chat and a lot more. Speaking of Discord, we've removed our IRC chatroom. We're been asked several times about if it will be brought back, and the only way we'd bring it back is if we see more demand for it. You can access our Discord by clicking here

- Lastly, we now have brand new shows on the website. The two new shows at "The Chatter" and "The Request Block". Both these shows are being ran in a test phase to see if Whirlwind will be able to handle more new shows in the future. You can check out the shows on our show page, and we're looking forward to bring more shows to the site in the future. 

Radio Whirlwind will be turning 2 years old this month, and we're hoping to give you guys the best experience possible. We can't promise anything big but we know for sure that big changes are coming. Thank you so much for your continued support and we can't wait to show you what's in store! 

Posted on 01 Oct 2016 by Illus
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